Customize Your Own Fitness Challenge

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Fitness Challenge

Let’s embrace your one-of-a-kind awesomeness by customizing your very own fitness challenge!

Keep in mind this is a challenge.  Not a diet.  A challenge like this is geared towards guiding you to leading a healthier lifestyle.  One that you can maintain, and more importantly, one that you enjoy!

I created this challenge as guidance for you, so you can create what YOU need, hence its happy simplicity.

Let the challenge begin!

Get your fitness on1. Create a Goal

What do you want to get out of this fitness challenge?  To have more energy at the end of the day?  To feel stronger?  It’s helpful to keep a goal in mind when challenging yourself.

2. Choose the length of your challenge: 

14 or 28 Day Challenge

3. Create your own workout calendar:

Decide the days and times that you will workout.  BE SPECIFIC.  Where will you workout?  When?  What are you doing?  *Put this in your calendar.  For an extra motivational bonus: use a chalkboard/whiteboard or even poster board to write this up on the wall of your home to help you stay accountable to your goals!

4.  Reality Check.  What do I eat right now?

Your fitness regimen is only half the battle.  Your nutrition is VITAL to seeing any improvement in your health, inside and out.  So how do you customize your nutrition intake?  Let’s set some general guidelines that you decide on.

You should be fairly aware of what you put in your mouth.  If you can’t recall what the heck you even ate yesterday, I recommend keeping a journal and writing down what you actually are eating.  Be honest with yourself, there’s no judgement here.   This is for you and only you.

Nutrition is Key5.  Where can you make some nutritional adjustments?

Let’s talk percentages.  Let’s decrease the amount of refined sugars and processed foods we eat and increase the amount of raw and/or natural foods.  For example, choose to decrease the amount of processed foods by 50%.  Boom!  What a change in your health already!  And heck, why not increase your intake of fruits & veggies by 50% (If you choose to not eat them raw, try steaming the veggies.  This way you can hold onto most of the nutrients which can get lost when cooking them.)

*Bonus: Get dark greens in your meal plan every day!

Be aware: if you look at the ingredients of an item and can’t understand over half of them (and the list is longer than a kid’s Christmas List to Santa), then there’s probably some seriously iffy stuff in there that your body doesn’t know what to do with.  Keep it simple.

6. Find someone to keep you accountable:

Ask a friend, co-worker, loved one to hold you accountable to your challenge.  If you have a fitness instructor that you see on a fairly regular basis, TELL THEM about your fitness challenge so they can help keep you on track!

*Maybe even find someone to join you on this fitness challenge!  It’s okay if you have different goals and schedules, you can still support each other through it!

7.  Go Do It!

We will always find excuses for doing things later.  Yes, I know you probably have a party or dinner you’re going to this week.  That’s okay.  Start now and your body will thank you.  If you fall off the wagon for a day, hop back on.  There’s no one stopping you except yourself!

Daily Purpose

Create a rewarding, efficient, purposeful day you are ridiculously PROUD of.

*Craving extra focus, motivation and purpose? Me, too. Make the most of your day with my free DAILY PURPOSE download. 

Great success!