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Love how you Live. Create your Personal Philosophy (free download)

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If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, read it here first. Enjoy! 1000x200 blog titles

A personal philosophy is as belief system, a way you intent to live your life. It can play a major role in how you make decisions. Your philosophy is not based (usually) on fact, hence why it is a belief.

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There are many factors that come into play when making a decision. ANY decision. Typically we make our choices so quickly or even subconsciously that we don’t have time to think about why we made a choice in that particular moment.

One factor that plays a large role into making decisions is our past. A previous experience (positive or negative) can influence a decision. Fair enough, right? If you burnt your hand on the stove as a kid, your experience has taught you to keep your distance from the heat to avoid pain.

Yet what if we start making all our decisions out of fear? You and I know there are more fears besides the fear of burning oneself on the stove. How about the fear of failing? The fear of being put down by others? The fear of being alone? The fear of being left out? The fear of the unknown? The fear of not being in control?

Often times we make decisions basked on something, such as fear, without even knowing it. I mean, how often do you take the time to analyze each choice you make, no matter how wee or ginormous? (Yet oddly enough, you are in fact, the choices you make. Well, I guess that’s why we’re talking about creating a solid personal philosophy to help us along the way with our choices!)

Here’s a good quality example: As I write this for you I am also in the midst of creating an outline for a book on my journey to discovering how to live a healthy lifestyle. Yep, a book. Holy Shnikeys! Can you tell I’m a little intimidated yet thoroughly stoked about the idea? Yet for a good hunka chunka time, I stalled my ambitions out of fear and worry that no one would want to fund it, publish it, buy it and read it. Talk about throwing the towel in before the game even started! Clearly I wasn’t sticking to my guns and my personal philosophy of exploration, creating opportunity and getting out of my comfort zone.

Once I realized I had been bitten by the decaying zombie of fear (yep, they exist), I decided to do something about it (you can, there is a cure). I picked up the towel, got back in the game and beat those lame decaying zombies of fear by making a decision based on my personal philosophy (which does not include zombies). Word. Hey, it’s not easy, but it’s my life…it’s worth it (and so is yours).

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Create Your Personal Philosophy Worksheet

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