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Create your own Personal Philosophy – Part 1

By January 27, 2016 One Comment

Do you have a code of conduct? A method to your madness? A personal philosophy? You know what I mean, your rules of engagement, your belief system that you use consciously or subconsciously in your life.

When Matt and I began to rebrand our company from Athlete.Yogi.Traveler. to AYT lifestyle, we created an AYT Philosophy (as of July 2017, we are now rebranded to Jaime Komer, yet my philosophy remains true). This was a list that naturally came to be as we wrote down what we wanted our brand to teach and represent. It was important for us that our list encourages a sense of growth, exploration, accountability and continual learning, just as we want to experience in our own lives.

The surprising this is (or maybe not so surprising), we found that as we were writing our AYT philosophy, it was, in fact, very similar to our own personal philosophy, too. Hmm, well that’s an idea. I mean, maybe that’s how it should be. Whether you have a company or a blog, whether you’re a teacher or instructor, a parent, an entrepreneur, an amazing human being (or all of the above)….don’t you think that anything that you do should be an extension of your positive values and empowering energy? Yes, this includes your career!

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It took me some time to figure this one out – it is exactly why our company has evolved as we have. For example…My teaching style in yoga has changed from power to active restorative. My emphasis on lifestyle health as expanded as I learned what you do / don’t do 24 hours a day has a direct effect on your cellular health (and the majority of health, sports and fitness specialists do not educate on this. Eek!). My curiosity and knowledge for holistic nutrition has exploded (like that time I tried blending a smoothie without the top fully on). As my knowledge expanded, how could my focus and “curriculum”, if you will, stay the same?

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, this is an ongoing exploration, not a one-answer-fits-all declaration. As I continue to explore what it means to live a healthy lifestyle in our modern culture, our company, shall too, expand.

Being one who’s happiest when creating my own path, I’ve tripped over a lot of obstacles along the way- literally and figuratively. So why do I keep getting back up? Why do I keep moving forward? Well, I guess because I’m sticking to my guns; My personal philosophy. My code of conduct. My method to my madness.

Creating your own personal philosophy can help guide you in making smart, intuitive, and fulfilling decisions in your life. You can use it as a personal motivator, your very own private pep-talk. It can also help clarify why you make the choices you do or why you gravitate towards certain experiences and opportunities.

Below you’ll find our AYT philosophy. This is our guide to LIVING A HEALTHY & PROACTIVE LIFESTYLE. Perhaps some of it speaks to you? Stay tuned for the next blog: Create Your Own Personal Philosophy – Part 2. This is where I’ll be sharing an AYT worksheet to create your own (with mind-stretching guidance included). Yay!

REMEMBER: A company or personal philosophy may not remain the same until the end of time. Will you? Of course not, you change…

Yet hopefully your philosophy can guide you in a direction you love while helping you be someone you love.

Happy Dough-3

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