Someone very close to me shared this wise observation with me today. Spoken so simply, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the obviousness of this comment.

An adventure is an adventure because it carries an element of surprise, encouraging you to bask willingly in the unknown and out of your comfort zone. It’s exhilarating, inspiring and fun. For me, adventure cultivates creativity, spontaneity, curiosity, connection, imagination, resulting in pure bliss. Adventurers embrace this experience.

Can you plan pure bliss?


I think we both know the answer to that question.

Yet for Matt and I, as of late we couldn’t help but try to plan out our life – our Adventure, our Bliss. We’re 35 and 36, having our first Wolfie (baby) in less than a month, run our own business which always includes a handful projects and potential directions, all while living at my in-laws’ home and exploring where we want to move next. For a while, I couldn’t help but think..Oh crap, what are we going to do next? Where are we going to go? What should we do with our business? Should we focus on income or focus first on what we love and allow the income follow? Expand Happy Dough? Spend all our time on our online eCourses and digital Resources? Teach more of my private & group lifestyle sessions? Eek! What to do!? We have to know! 

I think our open-ended lifestyle freaks the f$%* out of most people. In fact, it freaked the f*#% out of us for a while. We thought knowing our entire path would answer all our burning and yearning questions and make us feel more confident in our choices and direction. Funny enough, it was quite the opposite. Trying to figure everything out literally stressed us out and left us feeling stagnant and stuck. Worst of all, it made us question our intuition, our gut. We temporarily forgot…we are Adventurers.

A note on planning: There is a difference between over planning and having direction. This post is about having direction while letting go of the urge to over plan. Just want to make sure we’re all on the same page here, or at least reading the same book. Good talk.

Have you ever experienced something like this? The urge to want to plan everything, which actually stalled you from taking action and got in the way of you being present to make the most of your current moment, minute, situation or experience?

This urge to plan begs the question…am I fearful of the unknown? Are you?

First, we wander. Travel. I find my pure bliss when I travel. In every town, city or village Matt and I visit – whether it’s domestic or international – the first thing we crave is a wander. We walk, explore and absorb. There’s no fancy agenda, no master plan, no expectations. We start with a direction in mind (usually having to do with a local eatery or health food store). Once we start moving in this direction, we rely on our curiosity, passion and gut (for both hunger and intuition) to guide us.

Stop trying to plan your Adventure. There’s no fun in planning. This is when it hit me. When I wander, travel, explore…this is when I am at my happiest, living my life in a way that allows me to feel free, open to new experiences, embracing the quirky surprises along the way, all while having a sense of direction and purpose. The lack of a GPS exact route is what actually helps me move forward, take action, be my best self in the moment, feel successful and happy. Maybe I should embrace life as I embrace travel: The unknown, the ups and downs, the new relationships and connections, the expanding of my brain and heart as I willingly absorb life-changing experiences. Through my travels, I cultivate creativity, spontaneity, curiosity, connection, imagination, resulting in pure bliss. Hmm, that sounds like my version of an adventure.

If life is an Adventure (something I speak about in my upcoming Center Yourself eCourse), then I choose to live it in the same way that I travel. Openly.

I’m not sure where you are in your life Adventure. Yet if you’ve ever felt that all your planning has only left you going in circles, worried and more unsure of yourself than when you started…remember, you too, are an Adventurer. Live your life as the Adventure it’s meant to be. Ease back on the reigns. Not knowing everything is part of your Adventure. And maybe, just maybe, you’re meant to experience this until you learn how to chill the f^$% out (or guide others around you to do the same). Haha. Just joking. But seriously.

It’s time to go for a wander.

Are you with me, Simpkins?*

* If you know what movie this quote is from, 101 extra bonus points for you! If not, go watch The Holiday this week…it’s happy and full of gumption (my favorite word).

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