COOLA in Action (can’t see it on the skin? That’s a good thing!)


Tested. Used. Worked. Loved.

  • COOLA worked for all of our outdoor activities: kayaking, paddling, walking, hiking, running, wandering, cycling, and yes, sipping a cocktail outside after a long day of adventures. 
  • The Sunscreen Spray provides a super smooth coverage without any “oops, I missed that spot” sun burns.
  • The last thing you want to see when you wade into the water is a greasy trail of sunscreen following you. Awkward! There’s no need to worry about that with COOLA.
  • It’s friendly to the ocean and all its fishy friends.
  • We say no to breakouts and so does COOLA (no matter how much we slabbed onto our face and body).
  • “Umm, can give your arm a lick?” That’s how good this stuff smells.
  • Yay for a little extra coverage! The Matte Tint Face 30 spf is so smooth it feels and acts like a primer.