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Cheers to Your New Year’s Health with a Beaming Cleanse

By December 28, 2013 No Comments

Can you go without coffee for a day? How about refined sugar? Processed food? Alcohol? How would your body react?

This question often goes unanswered for fear of seeing the potentially shocking results; Physical and emotional symptoms may vary from turning into a diva, to a sloth, to a pirate who just finished his last bottle of rum and still has 100 days at sea.

Though My personal favorite when going without coffee: An irritable bowel syndrome (not literally, thankfully); Testy, ready to let loose at anytime, unsure of what is going to come out, and absolutely distracting.

Next Question: What are these refined sugars, processed or genetically modified foods and non-organics, actually doing to your body?

Often times we’re not even aware of it, because we’ve always had these foods in our diet. Yet countless studies show that YES, these “foreign objects” can have some seriously negative effects on everything from sleep, energy level, mood, to skin clarity.

Cue: Beaming Cleanse


We recently tried out the one-day Beaming Cleanse, a raw & organic superfood cleanse that’s packed with juices and fresh goodies. AYT is partnering with Beaming for a 4-day cleanse starting January 13th, 2014…Care to join us??

Here’s what we love about Beaming goods:

  • Organic, fresh and raw. This may make you cringe, but all items ingesting were super tasty!
  • Wholesome ingredients that weren’t full of unnecessary sugars.
  • Sufficient amount of juices + food. Yes, food is included! 2 juices, 1 smoothie, 1 raw soup, 1 salad, 1 superfood elixir.
  • Easily packaged and ready to take on the go (*must be refrigerated during the day). Saves time on shopping and having to scrounge around for extra stuff.
  • Pre and Post cleanse reminder and tips.
  • Beaming isn’t your drill sergeant. If you’re active during the day and burn a lot of calories, they understand some people may need a little extra during the day. They recommend having raw almonds or avocado. We even blended our own sprouted almond milk. Salmon over your salad for dinner, perhaps?

Details about our AYT 4-day cleanse with BEAMING:

  • Start your cleanse on Monday, January 13th.
  • Special AYT 15% off discount provided by Beaming: Apply Code in your “Cart” – AYT15
  • Pick up Day 1 & 2 of cleanse on January 12th, 2014 at YogaWorks Costa Mesa. 430 – 630pm
  • Pick up Day 3 & 4 of cleanse on January 14th at YogaWorks Costa Mesa (this provides absolute freshness during the 4 days).
  • Special Bonus: one lucky “cleanser” will chosen for an AYT New Year’s prize package!
  • CLICK HERE to be directed to Beaming’s 4-day cleanse
  • Sign up by Friday, January 10th at 4pm!
  • Email with any questions.


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