Cheers. Gobble. Sweat.

It’s gobble day in the U.S. of A. and with Athlete. Yogi. Traveler. in the midst of the Sweaty New Zealand Challenge, we have heaps to be thankful for in this adventurous country. Don’t lie, you know you’re thankful for hobbits, too.

-Ginormous mountains. They’re here to hike up, right?

-We are not perfect nor should we be. This is why my balance sucks (yes, yogis can have poor balance)

-Road Signs: Favorite so far? “Horse Poo: $3” or “Sheep Poo $5”. Why is sheep poo more expensive?

-All the countries in this world. There are so many to explore!

-The people in this world. There are so many to learn from!

CamelBak: Water is delicious.

-Hobbits: They’re feet may be hairy but let’s be honest, so are mine.

Injinji: Happy toes, happy life.

-Stretchy black pants: Dress them up, dress them down. Take your date out on the town. Cheers, lululemon!

Vibram: There’s nothing like feeling the earth so close underneath your feet. (try it on a trail run)

-Wanaka: It has a mellow beach town vibe and you always have a stellar view of something.

Hinano Tahiti Apparel: It makes me feel like I’m chillin’ on the Tahitian Sands, even if I’m driving in gridlock. Thanks for that.

-Love what you do. (Athlete. Yogi. Traveler.)

Scott Hawaii: Soft sandals are a luxury after a 5 hour hike.

-Traditional Maps: Like my Dad always says, “I know it like the back of my hand”.

-Brekkie: It’s a wee bit pricey in NZ but at Bob’s Weigh in Queenstown, you can’t go wrong with Fred’s Omelete or the Breakfast Wrap. Hugeness!

GoPro: Seriously, what can’t this lil’ gadget film?

-Fish n’ Chips at the Cray Pot in Jackson Bay. Even if you don’t like fried food, eat it.

JUCY: This just screams “Happy Camper”.

Coco the Social Cabana: we can’t wait to meet this one-of-a-kind, rockin’ campervan. It’s a party on wheels.

RawRev Bars: Thank goodness this was allowed into New Zealand, with all their strict customs inspections. (yes, one time I went to NZ and forgot I had a pear at the bottom of my bag. Don’t recommend this one.)

-Smiling. That just made my day.

COOLA Suncare: The waters of New Zealand thank you for not putting gross chemicals in your sunscreen. So do we.

-Outdoor Yoga: It’s adventurous. You can do it just about anywhere (e.g. Hobbiton). It’s literally taking your practice off your mat.

-Airplanes: Yes, they can smell funny (and possibly the person you’re sitting next to), but you know it’s worth it.

-Accents. They’re so fun! Unfortunately when I pretend to have an accent, it turns into an awkward pirate voice.

-The West Coast: Of any country. Sunsets are meant to be shared with a friend.

-Wine: It’s tasty, best shared in good company, and gives you an excuse to visit gorgeous vineyards.

-New Zealand: Middle Earth is awesome! Thank you for being so welcoming!


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