CamelBak in Action:


This is why we love to hydrate with Camelbak:

  • Don’t give into saggy pants with all that stuff weighing your pockets down. Strap the 3L Full Day Pack to your back. Stash your keys, phone, clothes, and snacks. Happy pants and heaps more water to show for it.
  • With a Camelbak bottle in hand, there’s no need to take part in the plastic bottle massacre, filling landfills to the brim. 
  • It’s so easy to get dehydrated when traveling. Not anymore!
  • The squirt bottle is optimal for getting water out crazy quick (ideal between or during an intense workout).
  • Safety first! The 1L Eddy is so easy (and safe!) to drink while driving. There’s no need to awkwardly tilt your head to get the last bit of water.
  • Sure, you may have to make more stops while on a road trip. But it’s worth it to be hydrated, right?
  • The Fourteener 3L Full Day pack is great for storing everything and then some: extra layers, snacks, sandals (even Big Foot’s sandals), maps, etc.