With upcoming travels to countries where water is not advisable to drink or even brush your teeth with, we added another Camelbak product for our adventures. Nicaragua, Rwanda, and then some!

CamelBak All Clear

The All Clear bottle seemed simple enough to use. Put water in, turn UV light on, shake for 60 seconds and make sure you get the UV check mark when complete. Easy peasy…worked every time like a charm.

While the 750ml can be a bit small when craving mass amounts of H2O at one time (which we tend to do on a daily basis), we had to put things in perspective of where we were at and why we were using the All Clear in the first place. You are saving a ton of plastic, on top of saving you money buying water in the first place. This All Clear bottle is a great product, easy to use, and backed by a reputable company that has your “BAK”, lifetime guaranteed!

CamelBak 60 seconds

Click on one of the CamelBak images if you’re interested to learn more about and/or get your hands on the All Clear bottle…AYT recommended!



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