Join Jaime on Friday mornings for beach yoga and paddleboarding! 

Beach Yoga

Who: Jaime Komer will be leading sessions through Inspiration Paddleboard.

Where: Crystal Cove State Park. For map, click here.

When: Friday’s 9:30am Beach Yoga, 11am Yoga & Paddleboard Circuit.

What: Beach Yoga – A flow class good for all levels that strengthens, centers, relaxes, and inspires. Beach Yoga & Paddle Circuit Training – Combining the lengthening and balance of yoga with the invigorating cardiovascular and core benefits of paddleboarding, this hybrid workout leaves you feeling revived and strengthened.

How: Please contact Inspiration Paddleboard for more details and to reserve your spot. w: e: t: 949.228.9822

Why: Oh, you know why. See you there!



One Comment

  • Peggy Lee says:

    Wow! What an awesome way to start the day! Spotting dolphins swimming in the ocean while holding mountain pose! Thanks Jaime!

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