Be a Good Chap & Tell Me About London

There’s so much to see and do in the land of Wenlocks, bangers n’ mash, and streets oozing with history.

Though I did my best to study up on Monty Python, James Bond and English Football before I visited London this summer, there are some things that one just can’t prep for.

Just touched down in…

London Town is a city that is best seen on foot. As cool as those double decker red buses are, lacing up your walking shoes and wandering through all the small cobblestone streets and back alleys is the proper way to take in the sites. And you just might see some famous faces!


 Old school love

The history of this city is everywhere and you can’t help but become intoxicated with it (especially when you do stop at a pub). Being a gal from a place that’s barely older than the queen, the historic architecture and stories behind it are just about as magical to me as Harry Potter (there’s a tour for that, too).


Eat everything at the Borough Market

Have you ever seen a gigantaur pile of Turkish Delight? How about meringue as large as your head? The Borough Market will delight your senses, satisfy your tastebuds, and keep you coming back for more.

*Not your average cup o’ Joe: There’s always a line at Monmouth Coffee, and it’s well worth the wait.


Some things are not meant to be

Like trying to find Hugh Grant’s blue door in Notting Hill.  But we tried.




Daily Purpose

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Great success!