“A specialized workshop packed with empowering tools created to improve athletic performance and longevity. From sports-specific posture breakdowns to mindful practices from an Olympian, it’s time to step up your game.”

Benefits of your Workshop

      •       A thorough breakdown of poses to improve alignment, awareness, and activation.
      •       Inclusion of specific postures to benefit your training and competition.
      •       Tips on mindfulness and breath to improve Mental Game.
      •       A (full) body movement session customized to your team’s goals.
      •       Optional: Nutritional education and guidance for pre / during / post workout + travels.
      •       Optional: Best practices on how to create and reach your personal or team goals.
      •       Optional: From sports to career, how to pursue your passion and purpose.


How long is a Workshop?

It is customized to your goals for the session, but typically a workshop can range from 2-3 hours. Breakdown of poses – 60 to 90 minutes; Body movement session – 60 to 90 minutes. Along with other nutritional tips, goal setting, and/or sports to career guidance, etc. as requested.

Who should do this Workshop?

If you have a small window to work with, the workshop provides an ideal opportunity to impact and inspire the athletes. The workshops are also easily implemented into short-term training camps, as well as pre or post season training. The athletic group or team that wishes to improve athletic performance, mindfulness, body awareness and balanced strength, prevent injuries, and learn goal-setting & nutritional tips from an Olympian. These workshops are highly beneficial for club, collegiate, and elite teams.

How do we schedule a Workshop?

Send us an email – info [at] athleteyogitraveler.com (or click the “Contact” link at the top of the page) – and we can work out the scheduling details.

Who has Jaime worked with?

Jaime has worked with a variety of athletes and disciplines, including Major League Baseball, USA Volleyball, USA Water Polo, UCLA Athletics and college to elite athletes in both summer and winter sports.

What is the cost?

The cost of the Olympian Yoga & Pilates workshop is dictated by the length and goals of the athletes. We can provide you an estimate based on your needs and requests.

Where is the Workshop held?

There are a couple options on location. If you have a gym or field to use (privacy is preferred), we can come to you. Or we have access to a yoga studio located in Newport Beach. However, times will be limited and must be reserved in advance.

I want to do more than one workshop, do you provide additional sessions or resources?

Check out our Program page HERE. This program is an in depth functional movement, yoga & pilates series designed by AYT – including an intensive preparation phase, implementation of season / position specific sessions, and travel support.

Want more? We create customized sessions and travel support with our program designed by AYT AYT PROGRAM