“The Program is an in depth, body movement / yoga / pilates series designed by AYT. Including an intensive preparation phase, implementation of season, position specific sessions, and travel support. ”


  • We work closely with coaches and trainers to: 1) Discuss the goals of the team, athlete, and coaching staff. 2) Review any injuries – current and potential.
  • We get to know your team and what they put their bodies through everyday by: 1) Viewing training regimen & load. 2) Reviewing relevant footage, as needed.

Creating the AYT Program

  • Based on results from the preparation phase, we create customized sessions for the team.
  • The program can include position-specific sessions as needed.
  • The length and number of sessions are determined by season and previously-specified goals.

In Action

  • We implement functional body movement, yoga and pilates into the team’s training, led by AYT’s Lead Instructor, Jaime Komer.
  • To best support and monitor the tendencies and progress of the athlete(s), we videotape each session (upon approval)
  • Dependent on the number of sessions, we track the progress of the athlete(s) within their practice.

On the Road Resources

  • AYT creates exclusive resources to support the athlete while traveling and competing.
  • Resources may include (but not limited to): podcasts, video, or written sequences.
  • Examples include: 20-minute post-competition recovery podcast, mid/post-travel “loosen out” written sequence, position-specific video, etc.


How long is a Program?

That’s the beauty of this program; it is customized to what you need. Are you looking for only 1 month of post-season recovery? 2 months of pre-season intensive core and alignment activation? Or the full package supporting through your pre-season, season, travel, and post-season?

Who should take advantage of this Program?

The AYT program is geared towards the dedicated athlete or team that is serious about improving in their sport. This program is primarily for professional, elite, and collegiate athletes.

Tell me more about the Preparation Phase

This first phase is for us to get to know all the facets of the athlete’s training load, regimen, goals, injuries, etc. We know that every body and its needs are unique, this is why the preparation phase is vital to best supporting the athlete. To improve one’s muscular balance, we must first bring to light the muscular imbalances in one’s body. It will determine how and what we teach the athletes. We also work closely (as requested) with the training and coaching staff to work inline with their current practices and future goals.

Why do I need travel support?

Traveling takes its toll on the healthiest of people. Sitting for extended amounts of time, added stresses, changes in diet and sleep, all can affect the athlete’s performance. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary means to bring balance, routine, and focus back to your body and mind. An extra benefit of these body movement practices is that it can be used just about anywhere, from a hotel room to an airport terminal (yes, it’s been done). Pop in your earphones or pull up a video, and you’re ready to go.

What travel support do I get?

The type of support is worked into your package dependent on your goals and needs. This will be determined during your preparation phase, yet can be adjusted accordingly.

Who has Jaime worked with?

Jaime has worked with a variety of athletes and disciplines, including Major League Baseball, USA Volleyball, and college to elite athletes in both summer and winter sports.

What is the cost?

The cost of the Program is dictated by the length and intensity. We can provide you an estimate based on your goals and requests.

Interested in just a taste? Our 1-day Workshop will get your Team on the mat. AYT WORKSHOP