Translation: This way to an awesome year and ridiculously cool goals.

Writing down goals can be a little tricky when you’re not entirely sure what you want to do. Do you want to run a race? Learn something new? Change jobs? Explore a new country? Ooh me oh my, the possibilities are endless!

When my goal setting has come to a plateau (sacrebleu!), I love a little Q & A to get things going again. By answering questions about this upcoming year, our minds naturally start brewing up ideas on what we ultimately want to do with our silly selves.

So give it a shot my goal-brewing friend. It’s January and 2013 will be full of, well, anything you want it to be!

Print this puppy out and take it to your place of reflection (e.g. coffee shop, your royal throne, at lunch, chillaxing with a glass of vino, you get the picture). Now normally I don’t like to encourage the phrase “I want”, as “I will” proves to be heaps more effective. Yet for the sake of this being more of a Q&A than a proper goal setter, we’ll play around with it a bit. (I dare you to cross out “want” to “will”)

Give some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. to that initial thought that jumps into your head when reading a question. It just might be your best.


* One thing I want to learn is ____________________________________________.

* I am great at (don’t be modest now):




* I want to travel to  __________________ with _________________ because ______________________________.

* What did I really want to accomplish in 2012 that I didn’t? ____________________. Let’s rephrase that, in 2013, I will _______________________.

* My perfect day would be:  _________________________________________________________.

* Is there something that is no longer serving me? (e.g. feeling, relationship, role, etc.) This year I will let go of ______________________ and be a better person for it.

* I am happiest when _________________________________________________.

* During the summer I absolutely love to ____________________________. But this year, one new thing I want to do is _____________________________________.

* I am inspired by ________________________________.

* I love to sweat by doing ______________________________ because ___________________________.

* The most important things to me are:




* I am at my best when:  _____________________________________________.


The End. For Now.




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Great success!