An Oceanfront Experience

My husband and I are kicking up our feet, out of pure random yet gracious luck, on a balcony of a private home overlooking the Orewa Beach in Auckland’s North Shore. The continuous motion of the waves seduce my eyes, leaving me silent for moments on end, completely and utterly satisfied at the situation.

And what is the current situation? We’re staying in a small home that is quite literally over the ocean, with an unbeatable panoramic view of ocean, beach, and sky. But as I mentioned, this is out of random, sheer, yet gracious luck. Just for a couple of days.

“This is a bit like Laguna Beach, hey”, Matt says as his own eyes get lured out to sea.

“Ya I think so, but I don’t think we’ve ever experienced this whole oceanfront view thing in Laguna.” This is my automatic response. To own oceanfront in most highly populated areas can carry a hefty price tag.

To be on the beach in California for the most part is a very exclusive experience. Either you have a healthy lump of money to own or rent an oceanfront home or, well, that’s about the only option we’ve got.

Even if your pad hasn’t been updated since 1972, it generally still costs a serious wage to enjoy the warm summer skies under your popcorn ceilings and rickety rattan furniture (not that there’s anything wrong with some vintage rattan).

And here is my shout out to all the beaches and oceanfront locales made public. I raise my glass to you for offering long stretches of walkways overlooking the endless blue. We’re active kids, we love to walk more than half mile before we have to turn inland a few streets around clusters of private homes.

Cheers for your cafes with sights of the surf, sand, and crashing waves!

Why yes, I will definitely order another drink and enjoy this view a bit longer. Thanks for asking!

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