Some retreats you come home in a slightly sedated state of mind from soaking up all the relaxation. Not with Athlete. Yogi. Traveler., my friends. Expect sore muscles, reenergized bodies, local explorations, and a damn good time!

With opportunities to run, swim, surf, flow, and hike, our crew rocked the week away with adventurous and positive attitudes. Everyone has the option to be as active or chill as they’d like to be. We love providing the freedom and opportunity to support either one.

One thing we strive to create on a AYT retreat is the opportunity to be active, particularly outside of the yoga studio. Here are a few of our our favorites while in Nicaragua:

1) Take your practice off the mat and into the world (or in this case, on the beach).

Beach Yoga Nicaragua

2) Connect with the community. Baseball is the national sport of Nicaragua, so a local game was just the way to experience how the local community likes to sweat!

Nica Baseball

3) Get out of your comfort zone and move. Running on a deep sand beach will not only get the heart rate up and prep your for your beach yoga sesh, but give you a chance to explore the gorgeous coastline.


4) Try something absolutely new. Who knew we each had a surfer inside of us dying to get out!

Nicaragua Surfing


Our hosts, India Reinartz and Carly Chivers of Papaya Wellness, were beyond amazing. These two women have a genuinely gracious and jovial nature, where their passion for what they do clearly shines through them everyday. Rock on, girls!

Are you ready? 

And don’t you fret, if you missed out this time, we are scheduling another AYT Retreat with Papaya Wellness soon. Stay tuned! Also, we have shared some killer instagram photos from our adventure, check them out at instagram’s @athleteyogitraveler.

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