chelsea lulu photo lululemon athleticaJaime is honored to be goal setting, flowing, and sweating with lululemon as a two-time Ambassador in the Newport Beach, California Community. Being absolutely inspired by the lululemon culture and all that it represents (have you checked out their manifesto?), Jaime is continuously energized by the people and ideas that this company attracts.

Jaime has been given the opportunity to share her love of goal setting by leading local R&D, Ambassador-In-Training, and Yoga events. She has been a guest blogger for the international lululemon blog, most recently attending the 2012 Olympic Games and hanging out with lululemon as their Digital Storyteller (aka blogger, social media fiend, capturer of awesome moments). Read up on her experience here.

In fact, it is lululemon’s vision & goal setting methods that inspired her to create YoGoal (yoga + goal setting). Favorite manifesto quote? (let’s be honest, it’s always changing)

“The conscious brain can only hold one thought at a time. Choose a positive thought.”


Vega SportVega Sport: “The first, complete, natural, plant-based, sport performance system”

As she continuously challenges her body and mind in new ways, Vega gives Jaime the nutritional balance and energy she needs to support her sweaty-licious lifestyle. She’s an Ambassador for this innovative company, which offers more than just a product, but a wealth of nutrition education. While Jaime loves competing and instructing, for a long time she found it challenging to maintain her well-being, health, and fitness level for an extended amount of time. She could never pinpoint the reason, which was thoroughly frustrating! When she started making subtle changes in her diet and became more educated in the concepts behind Vega, Jaime noticed significant and positive changes (just like when she incorporated yoga and pilates into her workout regimen).

“I tip my hat to Vega, which has been instrumental in all of my fitness endeavors.” 


KPIKids Play Int'l“Using sport as a catalyst to promote gender equity in communities impacted by genocide.”

Jaime has been involved with Kids Play International as an Athlete Ambassador, Social Media Director, and Trip Leader. Founded by 3 -time Olympian, Tracy Evans, this nonprofit organization uses sport to inspire and educate, while providing opportunities for volunteers to travel with a purpose. Jaime had an unforgettable experience on her Volunteer Trip to Rwanda in 2012 & 2013 (as the trip leader). Tying in her passion for yoga, she will be returning in 2014 and leading the Kids Play Int’l Volunteer Trip. Also on the upcoming years agenda will be Cambodia, where Jaime has recently researched with Tracy Evans.

“One thing that I will always hold close to my heart, is the impact of a child’s smile.  Seeing the joy on these kids’ faces when we played sports together on the field.  A light just illuminates inside of them! This is what sports can do.  It provides an opportunity, it builds confidence, encourages teamwork, inspires one to dream, and brings a community together.  It was very special to witness this in Rwanda with KPI.”