On paper (or social media tags), I am a new Mom, world traveler, Healthy Living Guide, Olympic Medalist, Raw Food Creator, jewelry designer, yoga teacher and entrepreneur.

Yet there is more to each of us than our titles and life roles. For several years I struggled with my identity, relying on my titles, like Professional Athlete, to define me. I worried more about people pleasing and what I thought was expected of me in my role than being true to myself. In essence, my inner compass was rusty. I lost my GUTS & GUMPTION.

Dealing with injuries, gut issues and everything in between, I made an intentional shift towards natural and whole body health. Funny enough, I (re)discovered my direction, purpose and sense of self as I made these positive changes in my lifestyle. 

As I healed my body, I healed my sense of self and inner compass.

Crazy awesome, right!? This IS possible (for you, too). Through these challenges and discoveries, I now live and teach an all-encompassing approach to healthy living for your body, mind, lifestyle AND planet. My method is blended from years of experience in yoga & pilates therapy, holistic nutrition, international travel, leadership, professional sports, natural movement and toxin-free living. And of course, LIFE.

Your health and inner compass are infinitely intertwined

I believe everyone has the ability to be empowered with healthy choices, lead by example and be authentic. If you choose to be. It just takes your initiative, curiosity and willingness to go beyond your comfort zone. My goal is to be a bridge for those ready to take the next step in their whole body wellness. I am here when you’re ready. 

Psst! So what’s the deal with my sports background? I am honored to be a two-time World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist in water polo (2008 Beijing), three-time NCAA Champion and four-time UCLA All American. Retiring in 2010, I now live out of the water…sometimes.

Athlete at heart | Yogi by practice | Traveler by nature

Jaime Komer


Barefoot Parenting: my simplified & natural approach to raising little humans.

It IS possible to keep things simple & natural when parenting in our modern lifestyle! Join me on my parenting adventures, where I share my personal experiences on:

  • Self care for new mom’s
  • How I practice toxin free living for your home, body and baby
  • Going stroller free (and even pacifier, bottle and crib free!)
  • Free play and movement for babies
  • Simplifying your lifestyle (even with a baby!)

I am also here as a resource via Naturally Healthy Programs for parents and role models to find inspiration and natural solutions in raising little humans. (My programs are ideal for expecting and new moms) Let’s play!

"Jaime has such an amazing, calm, wonderful spirit and energy. Her attitude and ability to connect bring an amazing energy when she walks into a room. I have only met her twice, but I feel like we are old friends. She has a unique and current insight into health, lifestyle, fitness, simplicity, minimalism..travel and how it and we are all interconnected."

 What am I learning right now? Besides searching out healthy lifestyle practices, I’m continuing my education with a 2-year Restorative Exercise Specialist Certification through Nutritious Movement.