Hello, I’m Jaime! I am an Olympic Medalist, Food Matters® Health Coach, Expert Healthy Living Guide, new mum and curious gal with an insatiable zest for life (and raw healthy treats).

After retiring from professional sports and working as a full-time fitness instructor, I was overwhelmed with injuries, gut issues, brain fog and everything in between. I should have been the epitome of “healthy” as an athlete and fitness instructor, right? Yet I was hurting from the inside out.  After trying conventional methods with no improvement, I knew I needed to make a change in a different direction. I wanted to get to the source of my health issues and understand why I and so many others, experience these wellness roadblocks. Thus began my journey to naturally heal my body and be a guide for you. Just as you and I are evolving and creating ourselves each day, so goes my adventures and experience in naturally healthy living. 

I have spent 10+ years in the health & wellness industry, from teaching yoga therapy for professional athletes to goal setting for youth girls, healthy lifestyle coaching for all ages to creating organic treats for our local community. Nurturing a creative passion, I hand-create gemstone diffuser jewelry and speak on living your life with gumption (perhaps my favorite word of all time). 

Most recently, I was named an inaugural Food Matters® Health Coach, 1 of 15 in the world. Along with inspiring wellness perks, this gives you and I the opportunity to work together to reach your health goals, wherever you may be in the world!

To keep fueling my curiosity, I am earning my Master of Arts in Health & Wellness Coaching with an emphasis at Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health. I am also in the process of earning my Restorative Exercise Specialist certification by Nutritious Movement.

Since my career as a dolphin impersonator didn’t pan out, I went into professional water polo. I am honored to be a two-time World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist (2008 Beijing), three-time NCAA Champion and four-time UCLA All American. Retiring in 2010, I now live out of the water…usually.

My biggest adventure yet, by far, is parenthood! My husband Matt and I are raising our son, Kovy, with a natural, eco-happy and minimalist approach. Scroll down to read how we take on this new life adventure, “barefoot parenting”. 

The beautiful thing about our health and wellbeing is that there is no such thing as perfection or a one-size-fits all model. Remember, we are constantly evolving and creating ourselves on a daily basis. Let’s celebrate YOU for who you are today and how you choose to grow. I’m so excited to be with you along this journey!

Your health and inner compass are infinitely intertwined

I believe everyone has the ability to be empowered with healthy choices, lead by example and be authentic. You’re amazing like that. Let’s take initiative, be curious and venture beyond our comfort zone. My goal is to be a bridge and help you take the next step to living a healthy lifestyle and feeling your best.

Athlete at heart | Yogi by practice | Traveler by nature

Jaime Komer


Barefoot Parenting: my simplified & natural approach to raising little humans.

It IS possible to keep things simple & natural when parenting in our modern lifestyle! Join me on my parenting adventures, where I share my personal experiences on:

  • Self care for new mom’s
  • How to transition to a naturally healthy home, body and baby
  • Going stroller free (and even pacifier, bottle and crib free)
  • Free play and movement for babies
  • Simplifying your lifestyle (even with a baby)

I am also here as a resource via Naturally Healthy Programs for parents and role models to find inspiration and natural solutions in raising little humans. (My programs are ideal for expecting and new moms) Let’s play!

"Jaime has such an amazing, calm, wonderful spirit and energy. Her attitude and ability to connect bring an amazing energy when she walks into a room. I have only met her twice, but I feel like we are old friends. She has a unique and current insight into health, lifestyle, fitness, simplicity, minimalism..travel and how it and we are all interconnected."