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A Picture Perfect Evening in Port Jefferson

By July 1, 2012 No Comments

The sun is starting to make its way down, reflecting pinks and blues across the water.

As the car winds around the curves heading north through Long Island’s lush landscape, we feel like we’re worlds away from skyscrapers and subways.

We spot the water.  Small antique and gift shops, ice cream parlors, seafood diners, all hug the Port Jefferson Harbor.

 Dig in at the Steamroom Seafood

Walk up to the register and order your plethora of fresh seafood (let’s go for the 1 ¼ lbs Lobster, please).  Order a beer.  Find a table in the open air seating, with views of the harbor and passer-bys (you’re looking at their ice cream.  They’re looking at your lobster.  Funny how this works).

Have you perfected your lobster eating skills? I don't know how you DON'T get food all over you!

Visit Sedutto, a ridiculously extravagant candy store for all your sweet tooth, guilty pleasures.  Want to get wild?  Go for the 1lbs Jaw Breaker (ginormous barely describes it).

Ice cream? Do you have to ask twice?

On one end, they’ve added a juice shop with wheatgrass shots and all.  Yep, this side was completely empty.

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