It has been five weeks since I stopped teaching in the local studios here in Orange County, California.

This is a bizarre feeling indeed, especially given the fact that I have lived my life on the routine and structure of my scheduled daily activities. Training day in and day out with the USA Water Polo National Team helped embed this into my goal-oriented brain. And though I am grateful for this well-practiced habit, sometimes we need to hit our systems with a good quality dose of “what if…”

There came a time in both my professional water polo career as well as with my Fitness Instructing that something hit me. More accurately, something spoke to me. What if… I first heard it as a mere whisper, barely a notion. Explore. It emerged into my dreams. Dare. And slowly this feeling found its voice in me. I said it out loud.

“I am at my best and happiest when I am exploring new places, connecting with cultures, sweating in all sorts of ways, and inspiring people ALL over the world.”

But I’m scared. Why shouldn’t you be? You’re embarking on a completely new path that you are literally paving yourself.

Dare, I say. Dare to create.


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Practicing on sand brings a whole new challenge to one's balance. Leading an AYT Beach Yoga Session in Nicaragua. Our Next AYT Experience to Nicaragua is in November, 2013. Dare.

Stepping out of the studio and into the sand. Our Next AYT Experience to Nicaragua is in November, 2013. Dare.


  • Hailey says:

    Hi Jaime!

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. You seem to be doing well! You are a great inspiration for others. I love how you made your dream into your life. Keep up the amazing work. Your blog and your work is so refreshing! We’re all waiting for you and Matt to come visit us in Greece again.

    • Hiya Hailey! A long time, indeed. Thanks for the kind comments 🙂 We are definitely arranging our schedules to include Greece…a MUST! Hopefully we’ll get out there sooner than later. And let us know when you and Harry come back to SoCal.

      Jaime & Matt

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