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5 THINGS: A Personal Exploration Worksheet to celebrate your year past & create what’s to come…

By December 27, 2016 One Comment

I love questions, especially introspective ones. Don’t you? Asking, answering, pondering. It’s all brain expanding. Yet I’ve noticed my most AHA! moments appear when I actually write down my answer to a personal question compared to simply thinking about it. Why is this? I’m guessing it has to do with centering my focus on one thing and simmering down the constant chatter going on in my head (right now it’s saying how much I love this music I’m listening to from the films Australia and Cloud Atlas).

When we have to choose our words more carefully, we are more mindful of the energy we use, as well as sharing an accurate portrayal of our perspective. We are simply more mindful of the words we choose. At least that’s how I feel. How about you? Do you find writing to be a useful resource for personal reflection, brain calming practices, and to clarify issues? Let that marinate for a moment, if you’d like (see, I love questions). 

With that said…

At the culmination of last year, I created Your Year in Review Worksheet, 8 questions to absorb the year’s nutrient dense experiences while hydrating your inspiration and motivation for the next. I highly encourage you to partake in this worksheet. It’s fun, reflective, nutrient dense (as suggested) and fuels your internal inspiration.

THIS year, I have chosen to share 5 THINGS: 10 questions to celebrate where you’ve been and explore where you’re going. Each question asks for 5 “things” (and maybe a few bonus opportunities) to help you wonder in awe over how great you really are! Yep. You really are a spectacular spectacle. Seriously, there’s only one of you in this whole ginormous world. Only YOU can make the unique impact on this world in a way that only YOU can…and choose to. Pretty rad! It’s like we’re all super heroes with our own special powers. In fact, maybe we need to make this worksheet 11 questions, the 11th being: What’s your super hero name and special power? Let that marinate for a moment…

Without further brain chatter,
please enjoy this opportunity to embrace your very own super hero personal exploration:

The first half of 5 Things provides an opportunity for you to observe, reflect & grow from your year past. There is always something to learn from an experience…if you are open to it. This is your chance to expand your perspective and appreciate how far you’ve come this past year.

The second half will focus on the present, which in turn dictates your future. Your mindset today influences your outlook on life and yourself. Looking at your year ahead, this is your opportunity to imagine, initiate & decide what’s to come.

My one non-negotiatable request: Write from your heart & gut. Put aside any expectations or assumptions, whether they stem from you or an outside influence. This is YOUR worksheet and YOUR life. Let’s act accordingly. Good talk.

My curious-like-a-cat request: You’ve done a fantastic job reflecting and creating by putting pen to paper. Now what? Pick your favorite or most eye-opening answer in the comments section below. You never know, you might inspire someone else with your words. (I’m pretty sure you will…you are a super hero, after all) 

A Personal Exploration Worksheet (Dec ’16)

A Personal Exploration Worksheet (Dec ’16)

One Comment

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